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On February 22nd, we noted how we do our specials. There is another reason for this change. For years, we would get some assistance from our suppliers. Not so anymore, except for 8 types of wine per month. The special prices will last for two weeks each and begins May 1st, 2010, not April. We apologize for any inconvenience. Of course, because the specials will be concentrated on 8 types, we could run out. However we will give out rainchecks should that happen and honour the special prices.

Here are the specials for May, 2010

May 1-15
Vinterra 23L Pure Juice    –   Pinot Grigio    $78.95
California Connoisseur    –   Valpolicella    $45.95
European Select                –   Cab-Merlot    $45.95
Niagara Mist                        –   Peach            $45.95

May 16-30
Vinterra 23L Pure Juice    –   Merlot              $78.95
California Connoisseur    –   Riesling          $43.95
European Select                –   Chamblaise  $43.95
Niagara Mist                       –    Strawberry    $45.95 

Stay tuned for our next article on April 23rd – Buyer Beware!