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Mail Orders

We ship essense orders by mail on a first come first serve basis anywhere in the world. Simply send an email to info@moonshiners.mb.ca detailing the products you wish to have mailed, the address we should mail to, and your payment method (visa, mastercard, paypal*).

No handling fees, postage fees are exactly what Canada Post charges.

Shipping discounts available on all Liquor Quik and Prestige essence orders.
For orders over $200, we pay 50% of the shipping; for orders over $400, shipping is free.
†† shipping discounts are for retail customers only, wholesale customers must pay for shipping.

This shipping discount on Liquor Quik and Prestige extends to the United States as well. For those ordering from the United States, keep in mind that the prices listed on our website are in CAD.

Shipping discounts are calculated on the CAD invoice amount.

Note: Discounts only apply to essence orders.
*Paypal payments may incur additional charges.

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