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Fontana Select Crushed Grapes Series

Fontana Select Crushed Grapes Series

The Fontana Crushed Grape Series brings fresh flavour, rich tannins and deep colour to every glass.

With all natural grape skins, this pack produces vibrant wines with full body.

6 week wine kits, 17L red wines


Juicy plum, cherry and raspberry are married with vanilla, spice and heavy oak in this hearty Italian wine renowned for its big, velvety elegance and slightly sweet finish. Perfect for formal dinner parties and heartier meals. A dry and full-bodied Amarone is best when paired with bold flavors such as braised red meats, rich red wine sauces, wild game and ripe hard cheeses.

Cabarnet Sauvignon

A full-bodied, dry wine with very little oak. Flavors of cassis, dark red berries, cedar, oak, violets, vanilla and sometimes chocolate make Cabarnet Sauvignon the most popular red wine in the world. Ideal for formal sit-down dinners and cooler temperatures, Cabarnet Sauvignon pairs well with full-bodied flavours such as roast lamb and wild game, sauces such as mustard, pepper, or red wine, and firm, ripened cheeses such as Edam, Cheddar, and Gouda.


Full-fruited and rich, Malbec offers a rich character of lush plums, dark cherries, and hints of espresso. It may have hints of vanilla, cedar, and tobacco. Jam-coloured and juicy, this red wine has a velvety texture that makes it well-suited for romantic dinners and evenings by the fire, with food or without. In any case, serving Malbec with a meal or appetizer is exceptionally easy. Its deep fruit character and mild acidity provide a perfect complement to a range of foods, including roasted red meats, tomato based dishes, mushrooms, and duck. Mild cheese, peppers, and mustard can also accent Malbec’s unique profile.


Fruity and rich with flavors of black cherry, plum, vanilla, oak, violets, and a hint of cedar, Merlot is a juicy but dry wine with a velvety texture that makes it extremely friendly and easy to drink. Suiting a wide range of palates, this wine is perfect for romantic dinners, informal gatherings and cocktail parties. Serve this versatile wine with roasted red meats, salmon, duck and mushroom dishes. Pasta with red wine and tomato sauce go equally well with Merlot, as do mild cheeses. Both complement this wine’s smoothness very nicely.


Intensely coloured with a jam-like flavor Shiraz is full-bodied, bold and spicy. With flavours of mixed berries, black pepper, anise and oaky vanilla tannins this is a big wine, perfect for cool nights and dinners by the fire. Serve this wine with equally rich dishes such as, brisket, steak, veal, stew, or pork chops. Pairs equally well with firm, ripe cheese such as Edam, Gouda, and aged Cheddar.

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