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Essences can be used for alcohol (liqueur making), baking and cooking.

We carry Liquor Quik 20ml products, Pure Brewers 50ml products and Prestige 50ml products. We also carry a select variety of Top Shelf 50ml products. For prices and a complete list please click here.

Wholesale Bulk Liquor Quik and Prestige Essences also available. We sell wholesale to retail stores and bakeries in either the Liquor Quik 20ml or Prestige 50ml – and 1L formats by special order of either line. A provincial business / tax number is required. We will gladly quote on any size and amount and are competitive or ahead of the pack.

*Some products in picture available by special order only, see link above for items stocked*

Liquor Quik

LIQUOR QUIK™ Essences. 100% “Black Label” Quality. LIQUOR QUIK™ branded essences (formerly Royal Piper™ Extracts) are used worldwide to produce high quality liqueurs and spirits. Unlike other manufacturers and marketers (even companies that that have been producing longer than us). Winemakers Inc. only produces premium “Black Label” quality essences. All of our essences are produced using natural extracts and essential oils. The “Black Label” taste of our products vs. our competitors will be obvious to most.

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Black Label quality essences. They are produced using natural extracts and essential oils. The “Black Label” superior taste of our essences will be clearly evident in the flavoring of neutral alcohol, vodka or alcohol produced from turbo yeasts, swish barrels and other production means.

NOTE: All of our North American made Prestige 50ml essences are formulated by the former master blender (Daniel P.) for Gert Strand AB / Partyman AB. Trademarks issues aside, our essences actually taste like the “Original” 20ml Prestige, which sadly no longer exist. Since 2006, the Swedish made 20ml Prestige essences use a different formulator. Generally speaking, there is no comparison between most of the flavors. Anyone who is fortunate to have a pre-2006 Prestige 20ml bottle of essence will notice how they taste IDENTICAL to our 50ml Prestige bottles.

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