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Most companies use the "loss leader scheme". Simply put, this is meant to bring customers into the store. Lean ground beef at cost or below cost; a power drill, plants, flowers, motor oil, etc. Once in the store, bingo! Mission accomplished. Most people will buy goods the might otherwise buy elsewhere. The feeling of having received a "deal" allows people to do one stop shopping.

But there is more:
1) Sometimes there is a very limited supply of items on sale.

2) Often they are "sold out"
     But you need that drill. So what do you do? You may buy the other drill which is at regular price.

3) Limited selection of loss leaders.
    A wine store will put 2 wine kits on "loss leader" with a limit of 2 per purchase.
   What next? You may want Merlot but Chablis is on sale. So while you are in the store anyway, you may get the Merlot at the regular price.

4) At Moonshiners, we don’t use this practice. All our regular prices and special prices are posted on our website and most importantly, wetake rainchecks if they run out!

Stay tuned for our next post on May 19th,