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How is that? The answer is simple. When the grape crop gets sent for pressing, the grape juice extracted is called "first run".

The wine kits that we carry are ALL first run.

But the pressing leaves behind some pulp, grape skins, seeds, etc.

Here is where the "second run" comes in. That pulp is collected, mixed with water (1/2 the amount of the volume in the first run) plus sugar, acid blend, yeast nutrient and tanin. This "mixture" is then re-pressed!

There is little cost involved as the ingredients used are relatively cheap, especially the red food colouring!

Second run wine is also often called "false wine".

The wine has the same alchol content and the same colour , but the the aroma, taste and body are just not there.

So again, Buyer Beware!

Stay tuned for our next article on May 12th – Vineco!