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There are three easy ways to get a nice, clear wine free of sediment. No method is "better" than another, it really depends on personal preferences.

The second is using Super-Kleer.

Super-Kleer comes in a two part pack for $2.29.

When the two liquids are combined with a small amount of hot water, they become cloudy and goopy. This is added to the carboy. When you stir it in well, your wine will suddenly turn more murky than it was before, but within 24 hours, you will see an astounding difference in clarity. This is most effective if you rack the carboy before adding the Super-Kleer.

The carboy will need to be transferred again to remove the deposit before bottling. You may want to wait a couple days more after this and add an additional racking, as the Super-Kleer will continue to work.

The extra rackings and the Super-Kleer provide an exceptionally clear wine. It is a bit more work, but the results show.

This is not for everyone. Super-Kleer is a shellfish derivative, so if you are allergic to shellfish you will not want to risk a reaction with this method. If you do choose this method, mark your bottles or labels in some way as a reminder. Fish stickers are cheap, easy to find and take off the bottles. You will want to warn anyone you offer a bottle of wine to that you have used a shellfish product in the wine. 

Costs: $2.29 for the package
Risks: Allergic reaction.
              The Super-Kleer sometimes clings to the sides of the carboy and can require extra effort to remove.
Benefit: Clear wine, adding only a couple days to the process.

Stay tuned for our next blog on August 9th – Clear Wine Part 3 – Filtering