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It’s getting to that time of year where most of us in the next few weeks will suddenly realize that we need wines for the Holiday Season.

Starting your Holiday wines NOW has many benefits.

Your wine gets a chance to age, and you’re not bringing a young bottle to a party, or serving it to your guests.

You have more time to create the amount of gifts needed, if you have decided to give wine as gifts this year.

You have more time to create your own unique labels without rushing.

You can rest easy knowing that one thing has already been crossed off the list as we enter that wonderfully busy season.

We already have these specialty wines In Stock!

Red IceWine
White IceWine

The above all make 11.5L. It can easily be doubled using two kits to make a full 23L carboy. (Ask us how!)

This means you can choose to set some aside for next year, and don’t have to buy a half size carboy. Or, instead of setting half of it aside, you can go in with a friend and split the end product.

We will also be bringing in a Chocolate Port shortly. We’re very excited about this, it has tasted absolutely amazing in past years. This is something the manufacturer only produces for the fall.

Stay Tuned for our next Blog on August 18th –