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Many people take for granted the water they use when making wine. Some Manitoba water is fine, but some have water sources that really aren’t optimal for winemaking.

A good general rule of thumb is "If you like the taste of your water, you’ll like the taste of your wine." However, if your water is rich in iron, you may want to consider using another source of water, as the metals in the water will react with the tannins during fermentation may give your wine a harsh, off-flavour.

Winnipeg has some of the best water in North America, but come into the store and take a look at the used filters from our in-store system to get an idea of what’s still in the water.

We have a complete five phase water purification sysem.

First, the main diaphragm, the two sediment filters, the a carbon filter, and finally, an ultra-violet system which take care of any bacteria that may have made it through (heard of E-coli?)

We sell our water at cost, $1.50 per 19L jug or 23L pail.