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We carry a wide assortment of beers that many people are already enjoying. There are, however, two products that can enhance any of the "can" style kits that are not widely known.

The first is Kremix. It replaces dextrose used to prime/carbonate beer. It consists of two ingredients: dry malt extract to adds some body to the beer; and Propylene Glycol Aliginate used to enchance the head of the beer. Price is $2.99

The second one is the Beer Kit Enhancer. It comes in a bag of 1 kg and replaces the 5 cups of dextrose added to the beer kit at the start of fermenting.  Consisting of dried malt extract, it adds quite a bit of body to the beer while improving aroma and flavour. It also helps with head formation and retention. Priming dextrose (or Kremix) still has to be added in this case to ensure proper carbonation. Price is $6.95