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We carry over 100 different wine kits, varying in styles and sizes. They all come from Vineco – the largest producer of wine kits on the planet. The quality and size of a kit are closely related. We can group the kits into 4 levels.

Level 1 – Founders Series, Showcase International and Vinterra

The Founders Series is at the top of this class. These are country of origin grape juices as we described in the June 29 update. Only 5L of water get added to these 6-week 18L kits.

Showcase International is also a country of origin series, in the 6-week 16 L format. These kits are less costly but retain much of the quality.

Vinterra is a 6-week 23L pure juice kit which comes in a bag inside a 25L pail. This format requires no water added to make the wine.

All the above, given some aging, would cost $20 or more per bottle at the L.C. Between $2.75 and $3.25 a bottle, these kits provide excellent value.

Level 2 – The California Legacy Series

These come in the 6-week 16L format and have some wine types which are not found in the above 3 lines. This line has won many awards over the years at winemakers competitiions.

Level 3 – Cheeky Monkey and Kenridge Classic

Cheeky Monkey (what a name!) is a country of origin kit. In the 4-week 10L format, it offers good value for its price.

Kendridge Classic is a popular series from California grapes. This series strikes a good balance between price and quality at the 4-week 10L format.

The above 3 levels of wine kits all come with beautiful labels.

Level 4 – European Select and California Connoisseur

These series use grapes from Europe and California, respectively. They come in a 7.5L format and were first introduced by Vineco in the early 90s. Before that, we were selling our wine concentrates in 3L tin cans! These two lines were a vaste improvement in quality and ease of making from what was available at that point. They still have a strong following today .

Offering a wide variety of types, these entry-level 4 week kits are low in price yet maintain a high standard for table wine.

All the lines have descriptions of each variety find following the links on the left side of the page. With so many varieties, your new favourite is waiting for you to discover it!