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They are back!

In the spring of 2010, Vineco released a limited edition of its Niagara Mist Strawberry Lychee and Raspberry Dragonfruit. They were ultra-popular!

However, as a limited release, they were only available a few short months. In the fall, when they were running out we ordered everything we could get. The Raspberry Dragonfruit quickly sold out the final 20 kits we were able to get, with Strawberry Lychee following shortly after.

Due to the popularity of these products, Vineco has decided to bring both back! We have just received our initial order of these products and they are now available at the same low price we offer the rest of the Niagara Mist line of $48.95. We’ll do our best to keep them in stock for as long as they are available. However, due to their popularity it would be a good idea to pick yours up immediately to avoid any possibility of disappointment!