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There are some customers who like their white wines to be on the lighter side. White wines will vary in colour, from light yellow to a golden-brown colour.  This is due to the type of grape used in the making of the kit and the age of that kit.

A simple way to lighten the colour of a white wine is to run it through a set of Mini Jet carbon filter pads. These pads often mellow out the wine as they remove part of the tannin in the wine. If you don’t own a Mini Jet filtration unit, we rent ours out for $5.00/day or, of course, have them available new.

P.S: On the subject of a wine kit’s age:
We have had customers ask us if the kit is still good after hanging on to it for a year or more. As a general rule, the larger the kit, the longer the shelf life. Cheapo kits / second press kits (which we don’t recommend or sell) do not maintain much of a shelf life.
The longer you hang onto a kit before making it the more quality you will lose. So be sure to make those wine kits asap!

Armand & Steve