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Last week, a reporter from "The Uniter" – the University of Winnipeg’s news paper, called for an interview. They were preparing an article on home wine and beermaking. When told that the cost of production of wine starts as low as $1.50 per bottle and tops out around $4.00 for a top of the line product – Kenridge Founders series for example, the interviewer was shocked. He had to get us to confirm that number a couple times as it seemed completely unbelievable to him.

If only people knew! According to surveys [Canadian Home Wine Traders Association] conducted on this issue, between 8%-10% of Canadian wine drinkers make their own wines. This means that at least 90% go to the MLCC or a wine shop to get their wine.

As you’re reading this, chances are you already make your own wine. But a friend or relative could use the following information:

-If a household uses 1 bottle per week at a savings of $10+ per bottle, that’s a savings of $520 per year. When you start to add in higher quality wine or more increased consumption, the amount of money a household could save through a small amount of effort is staggering.

So do your friends and family (as well as your own wine collection) a favour, and tell them how much they could be saving by making their own!