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We’ve landed a new fish…. Well more like a school, 12 in total!

The Cellar Craft lines were bought out by our mainstay supplier of wine kits for the last 28 years, Vineco. We trust Vineco’s ability to create and supply great kits, so naturally we were curious about Cellar Craft when they announced it would be joining the Vineco lineup. There has also been a bit of a buzz about Cellar Craft from some customers.

The Sterling Collection line offers some advantages: the 5 week 12 L format places it between the Cheeky Monkey and Legacy brands, while offering competitive quality as the reds include the Cellar Craft Crushed Grape packs.

We are excited to announce that we will begin carrying the Cellar Craft Sterling Collection on our shelves starting the week of April 1. Additionally, all Cellar Craft products will be available on a special order basis: 7.5L Classique, 16L Premium, 18L red/16L white Showcase and the 12L Specialty Dessert.