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If not, you are about to.

A short time ago, March 19, the city entomologist found a bunch of mosquitoes hatching! And, officially, March 19 is still winter. Good luck to campers this summer!

And there is more.

The other day we got a call from a lady asking if we sold citric acid (powdered). This product is used in winemaking to help balance your wines. However, another increasingly popular use, believe it or not, is for bath salts!

So of course we were happy to tell this lady that we do carry it. She was one of those individuals using it for bath salts, and she had been shopping around. As it turns out, a certain "bulk" food store in Winnipeg sells 2oz of citric acid for $5.99! Talk about gouging!

That works out to over $100 per kg! When we told her we sell it by the 1Kg bag for $15.95, she was floored. (Note: All citric acid powder is food grade)