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Its been a long while since there have been this many changes to the Vineco lineup. Since launching their latest line, Cellar Craft, Vineco has decided to delete a number of wine kits in California Connoisseur, European Select, KenRidge Classic, Legacy, Vinterra and KenRidge Founders.

As such, we have done two things
1) We’ve ordered the discontinued kits while stock is still available.
2) We’ve added Cellar Craft Sterling 12L kits to our shelves (see March 27 blog)

We want to stay at 160+ types on our shelves and as stock needs replacement, we will bring in other Cellar Craft lines such as the 7.5L Classique, 12L Specialty (dessert types etc), and 18/16L Showcase.

Here is a list of the discontinued kits:

KenRidge Founders
German Riesling
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
Okanagan Chardonnay
Australia Traminer Riesling

KenRidge Showcase
California Shiraz Zinfandel
South Africa Cabernet Sauvignon
California White Zinfandel

Sauvignon Blanc
Pinot Noir

Primo Bianco

KenRidge Classic

KenRidge Classic Specialty
White Icewine

European Select
Ruisseau Blanc

California Connoisseur
White Bourgeron
Red Bourgeron

Some of these items were pretty popular for us, but were not doing well overall. If you see something that you like discontinued, don’t hesitate to give us a call to see if we can hold one for you. Act now to avoid disappointment!