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We are required by Revenue Canada to keep all our business transactions for at least 6 years.

While doing an update recently, we ran across an old invoice dated February 2003 – 9 years ago. We were a bit surprised at the prices as we have disposed of our price lists from that time.

Here is a sampling of 2003 prices and 2012 pricing:

Item Price Feb 2003 Price March 2012 Increease
California Connoisseur Whites $46.95 $47.95 2.1%
European Select Reds $46.95 $49.95 6.4%
Niagara Mist $45.95 $48.95 6.5%
#8 or #9 corks no change, varies by quantity
Shrink caps 30 pk $2.49 – no change

We are unable to make a comparison for certain products such as Kenridge Classic, Cheeky Monkey, Kenridge Founders, etc as these did not exist in 2003.

If the average general inflation over this time period was 2% per year, which is a good approximation, you’re looking at nearly 20% compounded inflation over that period!

So the moral of the story is that you, the customer, are getting quite a good amount more for your dollar today than you were in 2003.