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A few weeks ago, we blogged about some changes in the Vineco lineup – including some discontinued items. This made room for the addition of Cellar Craft to join up with the rest of Vineco’s already top quality lines.

In order to continue to offer a great selection, we are proud to announce that the 7.5L format Cellar Craft Classique line is in, giving you over 160 wines to choose the variety and format that suites you best. The full description will shortly be available under the wine types link on the left margin.

Here is a brief summary of the types available in the Cellar Craft Classique:

Reds Origin
Barolo Italy
Merlot California/Chili blend
Pinot Noir California
Shiraz Australia
Valpolicella Italy
Chardonnay Washington State/California blend
Emerald Riesling California
Gewertztraminer California
Pinot Grigio Italy
Sauvignon Blanc California

*All of these wines have their sweetness rated at 0, except the Emerald Riesling which is a 1.