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A few weeks back we figured we could have a customer draw for Jets + Bombers tickets.  The idea was to give entry to the draws for anyone who simply walked through the door. Seemed like a great idea!

Then we called the Jets office. We discovered that our idea was so good, that everyone else had already thought of it! We wanted to get tickets for a game, any game. They informed us that one can’t simply purchase Jets tickets, you have to enter a draw to be able to purchase them. Sure, we can do that we told them. Then they told us our chances: there were already 62 000 other people in the draw! It seems like Winnipeg can afford even a second Jets team…

Then we called the Bombers, thinking that surely we can at least go that route. Turns out there is some confusion about seating, given their 1.75 stadiums. Tickets were not yet for sale, as they had to go through a process to allow season ticket holders to pick their new seats in the new stadium.

I guess we’ll have to wait to win Jets tickets to do a give-away on them…. like everyone else, we might be waiting a while.