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Every season, and there are two (one each in the northern and southern hemispheres), Vineco releases special limited editions of certain types of wine. These grapes are grown on select vineyards and, because of their higher quality and relatively low quantity, are mostly lapped up by commercial wine producers. Why not? – these varieties will fetch $20 or more at the LC.

But, we ordered a number of them on a pre-order basis as that is the only way to get them. We have had a couple people change their minds with respect to purchasing their preorder, so now we have a small stock of these limited items – and they aren’t listed on our website.

They are up for sale on a first come first serve basis, no reservation. All produced in the last few months, we have decided to price them at the same price as our regular listed lines. They normally sell for quite a bit more. We have one or two of each of the following:

Type (KenRidge Showcase Collection) Specialty Price Your Price
Australian New South Wales Shiraz Viognier 16L $104.95 $89.95
Argentina Mendoza Torrontes Chardonnay 16L $104.95 $89.95
Spain Penedes Cabernet Sauvignon 16L $104.95 $89.95
Italy Piedmont Nebbiolo 16L $104.95 $89.95