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With the weather we’ve been having, wouldn’t it be nice if, after mowing the lawn etc, you were able to sit on your deck/patio/lawn with a fine wine cocktail?

When Vineco first came out with their Bent Grape cocktails these produced 28-30 bottles. Similar in format to the Niagara Mist, they contain a wine base and fruit reserve. Now they’ve come up with a great idea  – they include 2 different fruit reserves in each new kit!

The new kits are :
1) Pina Colada + Orange Twist
2) Lemon Kiss + Strawberry Dream
either kit is only $56.95

We have some Strawberry Daiquiri Bent Grape kits as well, $56.95 with supplies last.

As always, if you have a question/idea researched, we’d love to help! Let us know at info@moonshiners.mb.ca