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Over the years (28+) we have been asked 1000s of questions from A-Z. Many are quite common and others not so much. Over the summer, we will blog answers to many of these questions, just to inform readers. Certainly is worth it as our news blogs attract as many visitors as 10 000 in one month!

Q:"Isn’t your store somewhat off the beaten path?"

A:In a way yes, but we are not in the "boonies". There are good reasons for that. For 15 years we were in a strip mall. Do you know what it feels like to get up in the morning and say to yourself – "Well, here we go – work for rent again".
We are not far out of the way for most of northeast Winnipeg, located near Lagimodiere blvd on Turenne street off Marion. Coming from downtown is no problem either, as Marion is a fairly direct path to us.

Q:"Why is your store on the smaller side?"

A: Certainly our storefront is not that big. We are operating on a basis similar to the old Consumers Distributing Showroom. We have a storefront which is essentially a showroom, with the vaste majority of our actual stock being in the back warehouse.
This concept works for us as the warehouse level rent allows us to keep our prices lower than most if not all our competitors. We have a large selection where only about 15% is in the front, and the rest is in the 3000 sq ft triple level space in the back warehouse area.