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Q:What’s on sale today?

A:There are many possible responses to this one. Our first thought is – what is a sale? It is a word used by hundreds of retailers all the time. Many buyers are attracted by the word along with other ‘keywords’ such as "discount, wholesale pricing, special" etc. The idea is that all these words denote a lower price than you might otherwise expect. And it works, or at least it must work since you see them constantly. Be it in print, on tv, or on the radio – these "sales" are everywhere.

Say you need a drill and you see an advertisement for one that is really inexpensive – plus they throw in a 32 bit set with it. Sounds too good to pass up, so you go down to the store to have a look. Gotcha! You get there and find a cheapo drill with high carbon bits which don’t have to power to drill through anything but the softest material. Luckily they have 10 other, more expensive items which might be just what you’re looking for – at regular or even an inflated price. The cheapos fit in the family of "planned obsolescence". Why sell one cheapo, when in the medium term you can sell two? In grocery stores, one will often find that there is a limit per customer on the "sale items". However, your original intent is to fill up a shopping cart or two for the weeks shopping! Voila!

Now, in our winemaking business: We carry over 160 types of kits – from 7.5L to 23L and everything in between. Long ago we dumped our cheapo brand as we were being driven crazy by problems with quality. We could still get these and sell them for under $40 – No way!

So then, what is on sale? The answer is simply: Everything. We maintain, 52 weeks a year, the lowest prices around on the products we carry. We don’t carry the cheapos either, you’ll find only the best products Global Vintners has to offer. They are the largest makers of winemaking kits in Canada. Sometimes we’ll hear from a customer that a competitor has one of the wine kits we carry on "special, sale," etc. This doesn’t always means the resulting competitor’s price beats ours (in fact there have been several instances where a "sale" from a competitor still resulted in a higher price than our regular), but if it does we’ll beat any online or print advertisement. That’s right, we won’t price match, we’ll BEAT the advertisement.