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Q: Do you have any expired products you can sell for cheap?

A: Goodness no! This one is easy to answer. Why would we have expired kits? Grape juice is a food product and therefore perishable. And it will oxidize over time, regardless of packaging. Oxidized wine tastes like what you would get when lick the inside of a tin can. Its true!

So how come these are sometimes available? Dumping is one case. Unscupulous manufacturers will sell off old kits at a very low price just to avoid having a complete loss on kits if they’ve been around for too long. Sometimes these juices will then get delabeled (or relabeled) and sold as discount juice or even just left in the box and sold at a heavy discount.

The problem with this is that the wine has that off taste no matter what you do to it, so the juice isn’t even worth the effort or money. This is similar in many ways to buying a 3 year old freezer burned steak. Buying a steak for cheap is good, but what’s the point if you won’t enjoy it?

Armand’s Crazy story of the month!

We’ve all heard or seen birds crashing into windows which frequently results in a dead bird. No insult to bird lovers, but birds are clearly not the sharpest of creatures. They are cute, resourceful, possess exceptional eyesight and are very protective of their chicks and eggs. But they inadvertantly become a bit suicidal when the glare from glass panes distorts their great eyesight or maybe they are trying a shortcut. And then they attack other predators such as falcons and hawks often getting the short end of the stick. But you do what you have to do.

They also become aggressive towards humans as has happened many times in Winnipeg, especially in spring and summer protecting their eggs and chicks until these find a mate. Sounds like humans.

Yet there is more. What about in the fall? Chicks are gone chasing a bird friend. Get this. In the fall, all kinds of fruit fall to the ground – crabapples, apples, pears, plums etc. Most fruit has some wild yeast on the outside of the skin, and this leads to the fruit fermenting once it has fallen from the tree. You can often find birds, including crows, enjoying these alcoholic fruits. But their metabolism is not equiped for that. So now we have Papa + Mama crow disoriented flying aggressively flying into buildings and diving at people maybe thinking their grown up chicks are moving back home! Sounds very ‘human’, doesn’t it?

Mothers Against Drunk Driving – we all know about the organization called M.A.D.D. But maybe we could also have a Mothers Against Drunk Divers.