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Yes, we do a bit of bragging at times, usually, about our prices. 6 days per week we have lower regular prices than anyone on products we carry. And there is more.

Recently we wrote that we offer 160 wines in all ranges of sizes (from 7.5L to 23L) and better yet, from 10 different countries from around the world. But we did an accurate count recently and it turns out we have 192! We’ve added 2 new lines from Vineco – under the Cellar Craft brand. This gives us varieties we did not have before. For example – and there are many, Barbera from Italy, a Muller-Thurgau from Austria and a Malbec from California. Also, this was done in part to compensate a few deletions by Vineco in different lines in order to minimize duplication of styles. And there are more to come even if ordering and proper stocking do become more tedious.

Prices! Again we have bragged. A look at our online prices gives you a clear idea as to where these sit. But there is way more.

We have done some peeking on products for sale online. These are offered by companies in Canada and the U.S. They very rarely involve wine kits as the postage on these would be expensive. One might order if living on Baffin Island, but not much more. As for the U.S., things are very different. In even the largest cities, wine kits are not easy to find or simply not existent. San Antonia,Texas, has a 4 ft- 4 tier section for winemaking in a pharmacy! Because they generally have easy access to all kinds of fruit, the winemaking hobbyist has to go online to get products such as citric acid, tannin, yeast nutrient etc. And this is where it gets interesting, to say the least.

1)Buon Vino Mini Jet filter pads
-The BV filter system is Canadian made. There is only one manufacturer of these filter pads, in Switzerland!

Online price:$13.99 for 6. Plus additional costs for postage.
Our price: $16.95 for 24.

2) Activated carbon
-This product is used to lighten the yellowish colour in white wine, purify distilled alcohol and purify water.

Online or in pet stores: ~$3.99 for 100g.
Our price: $18.95 for 920g – this works out to $2.06 per 100g.

3)Citric Acid
-This is a product with many uses. These are just the uses we’ve heard of:antioxidant, winemaking, baking, bath bubble salts, fruit juices. We get many people looking for it who are shocked when we tell them the price we sell it for.

Bulk bin type store: $5.99 for 60g (???)
Our price: $15.95 for 1kg. this works out to $0.96 per 60g!