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Cellar Craft has released its limited Chocolate Strawberry Port and Chocolate Hazelnut Port kits! Some will remember these from last year, when Vineco made them under the KenRidge brand.

These were a huge hit – we heard stories for months and months from customers about how big a hit these were. These kits are of the highest quality. The body, flavour and aroma one can achieve using this kit is simply divine. Silky smooth port with a mild chocolate flavour and subtle hint of either Strawberry or Hazelnut, this might just be the best dessert wine you’ll ever taste.

They will be available for a limited time, and last year they didn’t last long. Come get one quickly to avoid disappointment – only $79.95 each.

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We’re also happy to annouce the arrival in-store of selected Cellar Crafft Showcase varietals. This is the ultra-premium kit offered by Cellar Craft.

We first heard of this brand by word of mouth about a year and a half ago. Then, last fall, Vineco acquired Cellar Craft. Since then, we’ve been trying the wines to make sure we have first hand knowledge. We first brought in the Sterling (12L) line as it is a great option for a mid-range kit. Featuring a crushed grape pack normally found only in the top brands, the 12L kit offers incredible value.

However, we had our eyes on the Showcase line from Cellar Craft, as that was the one we were hearing great things about. During the spring, we ordered a couple kits so we could make them ourselves to see what the buzz was about. Even this early in the aging, the taste and aroma acheived is second to none.

This high praise of the product is shared by many, as most of the varietals we have brought in feature a silver or gold medal winner at the International Amateur Wine Maker Competition. Its not unusual for Vineco to have products winning medals at these events, but for nearly every one from a line to achieve a silver or gold is not. So regardless of which variatel catches your interest, from the Cabernet Red Mountain to the Washington Chardonnay, you’re certain to find your new favourite wine.