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Starting last spring, we decided to give Vineco’s latest brand Cellar Craft a try. Starting with the 12L Sterling line, we were so impressed we brought in the Classique 7.5L and Showcase 18/16L lines in the summer.

Of course, one does not adopt a new product without trying it first. Therefore, when we discussed bringing in the Showcase line, we decided we had to try the product out.

Immediately the Viognier caught my attention -"An amazing, full-bodied, aromatic wine with a creamy mouth-feel" (Cellar Craft brochure). After 3 months aging in the carboy it did not disappoint. This off-dry white lived up to expectations, offering layers of fruity flavours and spices framed with a light coloured full body. A slight chill was enough to bring it to life – this is easily one of the best wines I’ve ever tasted!

This wine was quite rare at one point, in 1965 it was almost extinct with only eight acres of the grape in Rhone Valley, France, producing it. Since then it has become a bit more popular, as the difficulty in growing this particular grape had resulted in limited availability.

For more information on the Cellar Craft wines, come into the store and take a brochure!