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The answers are mostly quite simple – some less so.

As it goes, a few reasons we’ll shed some light on the topic.

The most obvious is to present topics relevent to winemaking, to answer commonly asked questions, to inform customers on new products we carry, name it its there. If not yet there, drop us a line with any questions you may have and we will get the answer. Better yet, come up with a blog  idea and we will research it and respond.

We have dozens of blogs posted. If you are a newer viewer, just go to "older" at the left of the screen and read on.

Then we have blogs of "human interest". We’ve had a blog on "Moonshiners" the TV program. If you have ever watched this program, you will understand why we had a ton of fun writing this one. Then we had Sherlock and Watson solving the question of malo-lactic fermentation.

And then, there is the impact of blogging in itself. We have a very loyal readership. This works well for us – and you. The more hits we get, the higher we are in google search results.

We do compare our prices with out of province prices. In province could be interpreted as direct attacks as we wrote last week.

"We play nice"

 Nor do we blog about any "sales", specials ect ect. Why? Because all our prices are online, the only store in Manitoba to do this!

 Next week – Human interest – The lake of the woods adventures and more!