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Of course product quality, good prices and good service are precious. But the most precious asset is our customers! Great people, fun loving & more. One can often hear jovial laughter in the store front. 

 Happy go lucky people who enjoy their wine, the hobby, entertaining etc. Especially after the night before when they entertained and impressed guests who thought the host was being generous with the wine – not knowing the cheese cost more!

We love being here. Enjoying those memories and describing future plans just can’t be beat.  No other industry can even come close.

Now to last week’s promise:

"The Lake of the Woods adventure"

I love telling a good human interest story. Like we said, our customers are quite fun. A regular beer maker comes into the store.

"You carry beer dispensing systems, right?" He asked.

"Yes, three types." I replied.

"Good, can you install it for me?" He replied.

"Yeah, but, its really very simple." I answered.

"Maybe not quite. I want to install it at my cottage." He said. " My cottage is at the lake of the woods. Of course I would pay you for your trouble…" he continued.

"Ok. How much liquid hose do I need to bring?" I probed.

"Well, the deck is 20ft from the shed and the dock is around 70ft. I also want 2 SS kegs and a picnic tap for the dock and a fixed tap for the deck and a splitter." He explained.

"Wow – You must really like your beer warm!" I teased.

"No, I’ve got a coil cooler on the dock." He said through a grin.

So off I am down the ol’ Trans Canada Highway on a gorgeous Saturday morning. Got there and the "shed" and boat are worth more than my house. And the cottage is really a palace. The fellow had even rented a small trencher for the hosing.

So, less than 2 hours later, we are "testing" the equipment and yours truly is back in Winnipeg by 5pm.

– Armand