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Anyone out there listen to the CBC program airing on Sunday afternoons on radio 990?. A scientist named Bob McDonald explores the strangest phenomenons – things which are eventually simple but have people wondering and searching for an answer.

Well, we have our own Q’s and Q’s in Part 1 – but hang on, at the end of this blog we have a skill testing question for you to ponder.

Q-1 Super -Kleer

One evening I sat down to work on a white wine that looked particularly milky. That full cream cloudiness one sees in many white wines, which can take weeks to settle. Having already used to clearing agent that was included in the kit, I was somewhat concerned at the lack of progress it had showed.

So I decided to turn to the trusty Super-Kleer. Its pretty normal for Super-Kleer to take a couple days to clear a well degassed wine.  I left to make dinner, coming back thinking a little stir to make sure there was no more gas left in there wouldn’t hurt.  I could scarcely believe what I saw. The cloudiness had nearly all settled already, the top two thirds of the carboy were completely clear, while gravity was gradually overcoming the bottom third – thanks to the help of Super-Kleer. Sometimes it really takes a very cloudy white wine to remind us of just how well this product works. No wonder people don’t often buy electric filter machines anymore – Super-Kleer is so good it seldom needs any help.

Q-2 Stericlean + the Dead Sea. 

Simple answer come to think of it. The Dead Sea (not a sea, but a very salty lake near Isreal, Palestine and Jordan) is laden with salts of all kinds. One of the by-products is ammonium triphosphate – otherwise known here as Stericlean. It comes under different brand names of course, and is both a sterilizer and cleaner. 

So how do we come to get this product? Well, the surrounding nations agreed on sharing this resource. There are giant "salt ponds" on the edges of the Dead Sea. The Sun evaporates the water and leaves the minerals behind – mostly salts. These are so big they can even be seen from orbit!

Q-3 Give us a break!

We sometimes peek at different websites. The things we see are enough to turn us purple! A kit at 199.95 in Waterloo that we sell for 119.95.

Then there’s those companies that have some low prices only to really get you on the "extras".  One example:

A "SALE" on Mini Jet filter pads:  pack of 6 for $12.99! Geeze, at those prices a full pack of 25 would be over $50!

Give me a break! We sell the packs of 25 for $16.95.

The really brain scratcher is how they can sell the filter pads at those prices. Obviously its working, this is a SALE afterall.

Skill Testing Question time!

That’s right, if you’ve read this far, you have only a little more to do to earn a gift from us.

Q – Hurricane Sandy recently hit the East Coast of the U.S. with devastating effect. What were the 3 main environmental factors that contributed to the destructiveness of the storm?

The first person to send an email containing the correct answer will receive a free gift from us – any wine kit in our store (value of up to $119.95).

Additionally, we will require the email to contain your name and phone number so we can contact you!

email answers to info@moonshiners.mb.ca