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We waited until December to mention the word Christmas! While everyone, including ourselves, enjoy the holiday season, its a bit much to start hearing ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ while shopping in a store for Halloween candy. With ‘Black Friday’ seeing increasing advertising (which seems to have also mutated into ‘Black weekend’), we are finding our holiday celebration time a bit excessive. It all loses meaning when we have ‘Boxing day in July’, ‘Christmas Quarter’, etc.

Why are all these advertisers pushing us towards a 100% saturation of holidays? Its easy to see, people seem more inclined to spend money around the holidays, so why not have every day be a holiday (the sort of logic that makes one’s head spin)? They generally accompany these with an appropriate "SALE" – and why not? Well, if these companies can offer "SALE" price for such continuous rates, what does that say about their regular prices?

Now for a couple ideas:

You surely know this person: Visits frequently, and is always very enthusiastic of the wine you are serving. This person doesn’t make their own wine, but is never shy to ‘help’ you finish a bottle. Why not work on your hinting skills by getting them an equipment Starter kit? Only $59.95 for a 10 piece kit which includes the necessities for both wine and beer making (piece value of 67.83)? Once they find out that the cost per bottle (as a function of the price of the kit) after equipment ranges from $1.75-$4.00 you’ll see that X-mas smile we all give when we open exactly the right gift.

How about that wine maker on your list? We have a huge range of kits to choose from, at prices that give any sale a run for its money. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to get, we also offer gift certificates.

Remember: Dad gets socks and ties for his birthday and father’s day, so why not give him something this Christmas that you both can enjoy?

And as always, keep our "Best Price Guarantee!" in mind