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Somethings to think about for 2013:

 -Sometime in 2013, the penny is slated to be removed from circulation. What does this mean? Not much really. Our monetary system will still work on the decimal system – which means bills, credit card usage, cheques, etc will still maintain the "cents". The only thing that will change is cash sales, a break even proposition for all.  A quick rounding will make it easier for consumers and businesses alike. A price like $9.92 will be rounded down to $9.90, while a price like $9.98 will be rounded to $10.00. This sort of thing happens already with the take-a-penny/leave-a-penny systems, but this will simply formalize it.

 -Santa has come + gone, the diet recipies have been shreded and guess who’s coming to a mailbox near you? That’s right, your credit card bill. Get this: lets say a CC bill says "balance owing $1000, Minimum payment $20.98. And in fine print, "if you choose to make minimum payments, it will take 85 years and 8 months to pay the amount owing. The total payout over that time is ~$26 650! No one would agree to that if it was stated this way. But anyone who chooses to pay the minimum for a single month is essentially throwing the money away, since it barely covers any of the principle. This is how the credit card companies make their money. So pay yourself by paying your credit card bill in full whenever possible.

Happy New Year!