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There was a time when wine recipies asked for differend kinds of clearing agents: gelatine, bentonite, egg white, sparkaloid, isokleer, polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (its a real word!) etc. Any of these would indicate the age of the recipe, egg white dating back to the middle ages! They all proved inferior to what is now available at low cost – SuperKleer K.C. This product has proven so effective, that every other fining agent has slowly been phased out. For more information, see our Nov 16 blog.

Now time for a little story…

Santa arrived a little late this year, coming to visit us at between Christmas and New Years. Or at least, he sent a friend of ours to deliver a gift: "The Art of Distilling Whiskey and other Spirits" by Bill Owens and Alan Dikty. Beautifully done, full of illustrations of everything you can imagine.

Unique recipies and revealing information about the hobby of enjoying spirits. Which country produces the most most Gin? Surprisingly not England, but U.S.A. Which country has more whiskey distilleries than the rest of the planet combined? The U.S.A of course!

And yet, Canadian Club Rye is crossing into the U.S.A. by the train load. Maybe it’s because the great majority of whiskeys in the U.S.A. are made from corn. What about Cognac, and Vodka?

The book is available at coles, and we’ve really enjoyed it.

Quiz: What is blue agave used for?