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We got an email from a customer mentioning a "sale" they’ve seen in town. Yes that’s right, a "sale" on 2 specific varietals of California Connoisseur – Pinot Noir and Vieux Chateau du Roi at only $43.99 for a couple weeks. That’s a good price, but you’re out of luck if you want something other than Pinot Noir and Vieux chateau. So why the limited sale? Well they need a way to justify saying "California Connoisseur starting at only $43.99!" – even if that means all the other varietals are much more expensive.

Now our regular price all year round is $49.95. That’s the best price in town about 48/52 weeks of the year. For the other weeks – the ones where you see a "sale", we’ll still beat the sale price (given identical products). For details of our ‘Best Price Guarantee" please see the left side of the page!