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Yes, we have been neglecting you in our blogs. There was a time when beer kits made up as much as 50% of our business. Over the years, drinking habits have changed radically. With the vast improvment in quality and simplicity of wine kits, they have taken over. This is not uncommon – beer and hard liquor sales at vendors are flat while wine is on the rise all across Canada.

So the topic we’d like to cover today is about beer dispensing. Often we get inquiries with regards to C02 dispensing units. Not many – if any, others carry a complete system.

Here’s ours:

-Reconditioned 19L stainless steel tank
-Air and liquid disconnectors (new)
-Hosing and clamps (new)
-40 lbs pressure regulator (new)

->Your choice between taps:

->Picnic thumb tap (new) (system price $175)  – or –
->Stainless steel fridge/bar tap (new) (system price $219)

We also carry inspected 10lb CO2 tanks, good for 100’s – 1000’s of bottles with new valve and filled
Price: $99

Additionally, we have an exchange program. To make filling your CO2 tank easy just bring it in and swap for a full one (original must have been purchased here).
Price: $40