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Way back in 1984, when we first opened, we were able to offer a 23L glass carboy at only $22.95. For the longest time, we were able to keep it low since there were manufacturers out of Italy, China and Mexico. However, over time the Mexican and Chinese manufacturers stopped producing – we understand the plant in Mexico burnt down while the Chinese simply retooled their production for the much larger glass bottle market.

So now we are left with the Italian carboy, lets face it their economy could use all the exports they can get. So we are stuck with a price increase on the glass carboys – $28.95 now. Although, if you look at it as inflation over the last 29 years, going from 22.95 to 28.95 is not so bad. Not too many items have that low inflation…


We’re excited to announce this spring’s Niagara Mist limited release

Mango Strawberry Moscato

Here’s what our friends at Vineco had to say about this one:

Fresh mango, sweet strawberries and fragrant Moscato create a silky, refreshing and light-bodied blend. Pairs well with fruit desserts, summer salads or on its own as an aperitif. This 4 week wine kit makes approximately 30 bottles of wine and includes bottle labels. If you are looking for other unique blends of fruit and wine, Niagara Mist offers 14 of the best styles to choose from.

I can’t wait to try it! Coming soon!