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When reading this word many people think of things like LSD. Of course, this is just one example from a whole range of items – many things which can be called hallucinogens are found from natural sources. A good example is the cocoa leaf. It is used to produce cocaine. The plant of course has other uses, the least common of which is certainly not Coca Cola! The leaves are even eaten in some countries to reduce or eliminate the feeling of hunger.

While some people may experience hallucinogenic-like effects, alcohol is a psychoactive drug but not hallucinogenic. The effects of alcohol vary from one person to the next, but they all follow a similar pattern of reduced motor control and depressed mental functions. This might make a person relaxed or, conversly, obstreperous. Like hallucinogens, alcohol is also primarily derrived from plants. The alcohol derrived this way will hold some of the plant’s properties depending on the method. This is where the two might cross over – using a plant which has hallucinogenic properties to make alcohols can cause a dual effect – an example of which is Absinthe.

Of course the over 100 liqueur essences we carry are derrived from plants, but even the Absinthe flavouring does not contain the hallucinogenic components.

Just a little reminder of the effects of what we all love: remember to drink responsibly this summer!