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Recycling is easier than ever. Actually, when one discounts glass, plastic, paper, cardboard and compost, there is very little left over in most of our garbage bins.

Winemakers usually save their bottles and reuse them. However, a guest may bring in an MLCC bottle for diner, you may find quite a few dozen empties at a wedding etc. Then what? We have an idea: we will buy them from you! Then, we will resell them back to those seeking bottles for their latest project – recycling!

We’ll take any 750ml corkable bottles. We’ll pay out $3.00 per dozen for cleaned and delabled bottles. If you need additional boxes, there is an easy solution. The MLCC stores get their shipments on Tuesday and unpack, leaving them with extra boxes they put out for anyone to take on Wednesdays.

Then the cruncher. A regular of ours works for the recycling company. During one of his visits we get to chatting, and the topic is recycling. Of course we all know that glass can be recycled, but what we didn’t know was that the sheer volume of glass put in the recycling is overloading the capacity. So what happens to the overflow? Just ends up in Brady Landfill – by the truckload.

As with other products, even if you put them in the recycling bin, there is only so much demand for recycled goods, and therefore capacity to process these goods.  The first line of defense is in the hands of each person. Don’t count on others to do your recycling.

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When Vineco acquired Cellar Craft  we brought in some of these products which gave access to a few types not available in their other brands. One notable addition is the Barbera, a grape variety grown popularily in Italy.

Since we had never had a Barbera before, we decided to make one to try it out. While it is still young, the spicy flavour framed by smooth fruity taste. The mellow tanins make this an easy drinking red.

For more in depth description of this and all the other varietals we carry, see the Wine Types link on the left.