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What? Are we losing it? No, read on, there are links.

2,500 years ago, the Greek historian + teacher Herodotus pondered + searched the legendary Fountain of Youth. 2,000 years later, Ponce de Leon the Spanish explorer & adventurer is scouting Puerto Rico, Cuba and Florida for the same thing. In his disappointment he began shipping shiploads of stolen gold, silver and gems back to the King of Spain. Can you blame them? Most people born at that time did not make it to 35-50 years old.

Then comes the 20th century. Research has shown, and the medical field agrees that moderate consumption of red wine can have beneficial effects on humans. Wine is now known to contain antioxidents (a type of blood thiner) and tanic acid (which reacts with cholesterol).

The French are known for their cuisine and love of wine, especially reds. One would think that with a combination of a rich diet (cheeses, pates, breads…) and love of wine might lead to health complications. Not necessarily so. Stats show that the French have significantly less occurence of heart disease. One might think they would pay with liver problems. Not so! Remember antioxidents and tannins. As a matter of fact, the French consume less "alcohol" than their neighbours. Less beer and very little whiskeys/vodkas.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Europe and Asia. I have seldom seen drunkiness in France or England… Want to see that? Go to the French Quarter in New Orleans or Seoul South Korea on a Friday!

Finally, the latest link. Researchers out of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland have recently identified "reservatrol" as a component of wine. Their research indicates that it possibly extends the lifespan of living beings. The research is ongoing. It was shown to significantly increase the lifespan of earth worms. What? Yes, next are tipsy lab rats.

Surely not a Fountain of Youth – but its a start.