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KenRidge Chocolate Ports are coming back this fall. In early September we normally receive all preorders. You can preorder up until July 31 – the cost of the kits is $79.95. When you preorder, you get $5 off – so $74.95. These are of a limited production mostly based on preorders, and come in either Chocolate Strawberry or Chocolate Hazelnut.

These kits are always a big hit, and we frequently are unable to order much after we get our preorders. The only way to make sure you don’t miss out  is to preorder by July 31. Make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing seasonal.

Also don’t forget that the KenRidge Founders and Vinterra lines are being discontinued. Vineco estimates that these products will no longer be available at some point in August. We’ve been very pleased with how much everyone enjoys these brands, and are sad to see them go. So if you want to get any last batches of these fantastic lines before they are gone, now is the time.

However, this does give us the opportunity to introduce some replacement products from Cellar Craft. They have an extensive line of high quality reds which include crushed grapes in their Showcase line. Many KenRidge Founders varietals can be found in Cellar Craft Showcase – for example the Supertuscan by KenRidge Founders is similar the the (supertuscan style) Rosso Fortissimo by Cellar Craft Showcase. 

Have you thought of….

Trying out some home made root beer? Its easy and very cheap! Only takes 2-3 weeks aging and you have enough root beer to last the summer!

How about the Bent Grape? This a unique brand offering two wine cocktails in one kit. They come in two varieties: Pina Colada/Orange Twist or Strawberry Dream/Lemon Kiss. Each kit has flavouring to make 15 750ml bottles of each type.