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We always love getting questions. Most of the time we can answer a question based on experience, but its also fun to get a new one so we can research and learn something new!

That being said, sometimes after one asks a question you realize that you either answered it yourself or the answer is obvious. Time for some fun – lets share some of the "doozies":

1 – Cheese cloth bags
Can wine be filtered with cheese cloth bags?
-> No, there isn’t a fine enough grain on cheese cloth bags to filter wine.
But my chokecherry recipy tells me I can!
->That’s to remove the stems and seeds from the fermented wine – it can’t filter the finer particles that will end up as sediment.

2 – Carboys
a) Do you sell charbodies?
->Do you mean 23L glass carboys?

b) Do you have big jugs?
-> I don’t think so, but you should see my neighbor! Oh wait, you mean carboys? Oops

3 – Aging wine
I’m told adding anti-freeze helps age wine quickly.
-> Don’t even think about it. Some Italians did this about 15 years ago and 28 people died. Anti-freeze is poisonous…

4 – Do you carry…
Do you carry wine making supplies?
->Of course! The whole 9 yards – if you need to it make wine we probably have it! How did you find us?
Yellow pages under Wine and Beer Making supplies…

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Quick reminder: The seasonals this spring were Niagara Mist Mango Strawberry and the two Bent Grape varieties. Spring is over now and so is the availability of these items. We only have a few left before we’re completely out. If you wanted to have a chance to try these products out, this may be your last chance of the year.