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Popped into the MLCC last week. While looking around, I came across the Ice wines. These are nice dessert wines sold in smaller 375 ml bottles. I was surprised that they commanded a healthy price starting around $20 for a container barely bigger than a can of pop!

Later, I decided to check online to see what kind of price Ice Wine really commands. Turns out $20 is really just the starting point, with many options going up to $50 or even $275!

Of course, as with most commercially produced consumable products, you are paying quite a steep markup. If you put in a little bit of elbow grease, you can make even Ice Wine yourself.

We carry Cellar Craft White Icewine kits for our Ice Wine lovers. Production costs for one of the 375ml bottles are incredibly low at about $2.70 per bottle!

For more on Ice Wine, go to our Nov 24, 2012 article.

Soon our preorders for the ever popular Chocolate Hazelnut Port and Chocolate Strawberry Port seasonals will come to a close. In order to make sure you are guaranteed a kit, please make sure to place your preorder by July 31. After that, it will be first-come, first-serve on the stock we can get our hands on. Don’t miss this annual favourite!