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We’ve decided to clear out a few items, which means you save $10 off the kits marked for clearance! While supplies last…

Sometimes we get a customer that will order one of the few types Vineco makes but we don’t stock regularily. Whether its a lesser know wine like Tempranillo or a limited release, there are just a few that we don’t always have but make available on a preorder basis.

However, being the trusting folks we are, we have never really made a policy of taking deposits. This has backfired at times when preordered items are not picked up. Then we get left with a kit that has very limited demand.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to collect a $25 deposit on all pre-ordered wines.

We don’t do it often, but now seems like a good time! We’re doing a bit of clearing of stock, and right now there is a pile of kits that are on sale at $10 off the sticker price!