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A few years back Vineco came out with a new top-of-the-line brand with their KenRidge Founders. Since its release, we have been enjoying them on a personal level – my own wine collection boasts some remaining bottles from the SuperTuscan and Shiraz. Its not just us either – many local Winnipeg customers have been quite pleasantly surprised when they gave the KenRidge Founders brand a try – most never bought from another line once they had tasted the quality offered by these products.

In the spring Vineco announced they intended to discontinue the KenRidge Founders brand – they had acquired Cellar Craft about 18months prior (including the same-format brand Cellar Craft Showcase) and wanted to consolidate their product lines.

Well news is in that they are completely out of some varietals. In all likelihood, we won’t be able to get much – if any, more products from KenRidge Founders. As such, all KenRidge Founders products are discontinued and will no longer be in stock once our supplies are exhausted. If you are a fan of KenRidge Founders, now may be your last chance ever to get one last batch made.

Worth noting also is that the 23L brand Vinterra has also been discontinued, and we can’t get any more stock of those items either. Get them while you can – before they’re gone for good!

So what’s next then?

Cellar Craft Showcase has earned a spot as the replacement. Their Merlot made it early on into my wine collection, as did the Amarone and Viognier. As we gain shelf space from depleting stock on deleted Founders, we are bringing in replacement products from the Cellar Craft Showcase line – of which we already carry a small selection. SuperTuscan from Founders will find its replacement in Rosso Fortissimo from Cellar Craft Showcase. We’ll also get a replacement Amarone, Shiraz, Carmenere, etc.

Having a popular product discontinued is always going to be a bit annoying. However, we’ve lined up replacements of such high quality that we’re convinced you’ll have the opportunity to fall in love with wine all over again.