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The wine grape has been around for over 5000 years. The Sumerians grew them as a fruit. They did discover that unattended grapes began fermenting and they enjoyed the buzz. Then the Greeks came along, liked it and took plants home. They discovered that the Mediterranean climate was very friendly to these plants. Wet/damp/moderate winters and dry warm summers. Soon the Greeks brought the plants all over the Mediterranean region: France, Italy, Spain, Algeria and more!

The Romans enjoyed wine so much they set up "plantations". Forward 15 centuries – European countries were busy conquering new territory. Lo + behold they found Mediterranean climates located on the western edge of every continent. We carry wine kits for which the juice is sourced from all these areas: Chili, California, Europe, South Africa and Australia. But wait, if you read on we’ll double the offer. Other areas that do a good imitation of Mediterranean climates are inland, Washington state, Idaho, Okanagan Valley & Niagara Peninsula and even New Zealand.

All these areas have even more in common than similar climates – rolling hills with porous and often rocky soil which does not agree with many crops. After all, going uphill with an empty basket and coming down with a full one is quite logical as – Spock would say. The grape from which most wines are made from today is Vitis vinifera. But then, one can make fairly decent wine from many other fruits.