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In our last blog we promised an announcement soon about gluten free beer.

So here it is! Global Vintners is releasing a new line of craft beer kits, called Brewer’s Best. We will soon be getting our stock of the Gluten Free style, but all the others will be on special order only for the time being.

We’ve got some information about these kits to share.

Makes 19L/ 5 US gal (ApproX 48-52 341ml bottles)
Styles available:

American Amber
American Cream Ale
American Light
American Pale Ale
American Pale Wheat
Belgian IPA
Continental Pilsner
Double India Pale Ale
English Bitter
English Brown Ale
English Pale Ale
Gluten Free Ale
Imperial Blonde Ale
India Pale Ale
Irish Stout
Oatmeal Stout
Red Ale
Scottish Ale

Each kit contains everything you need to craft your own beer:

Malt extract
Specialty grains
Spices & flavourings
Grain bag
Priming sugar
Beer bottle caps

Important: Note that these kits are a little more involved than some others, and require boiling of the ingredients in order to properly extract the flavour from them.

More information on Gluten Free: In order to achieve a gluten free product, the some of the ingredients have been replaced such as the malt extract and grains with alternatives such as White Sorhum and Belgian style syrup, orange and lemon peel!

And as we said, they are more expensive: $46.95 to be exact.

They are meant to produce 19L (50-52 – 341 ml bottles at 5% +/- alcohol).

Should one decide to make the kit a 23L that would reduce the alcohol level to 4.1% +/- and a lighter tasting beer. But it would produce 65+/- bottles.