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Over the last little while, we’ve received phone requests regarding gluten free beer kits. None of our suppliers carry them. We did manage to find a supplier in Australia, but it was expensive and the freight would have put the price out of anything we could reasonably expect customers to pay.

Last week, Vineco advised us they intend to bring them in. No information about when and cost, but they are coming – stay tuned!

Gluten intolerance means one can’t consume anything made from common grains such as wheat and barley.  Essentially one ends up unable to eat many common foods such as cereals, burgers, pastas etc. Often alternative versionas of these items become available, made from sorghum, rice, millet and/or buckwheat. Did you know these are classified as grasses? Yes, that’s right: they’re not cereals.

About 1% of Canadians suffer from this problem. That means there are about 12 000 Manitobans suffering from a lack of beer. Don’t worry, we’re working with Vineco to get it to you!

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Got brown tap water?

We have noticed from time to time this summer the tap water has been a little more brown than we would like. With that in mind, we want to make sure everyone knows our filtering system is working just fine – crystal clear water coming out of it. If your water is a little more colourful than you’d like, we have filtered (unflavoured even!) water for $1.50 for whatever size container (up to 23L) you bring.