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No, it’s not because snow is coming soon. It’s about Neanderthal laws we have here in Canada and Manitoba regarding alcohol.

Just as it took decades for the regulation of Coca Cola (it originally contained a generous amount of cocaine) before someone figured out why the stuff had become so popular. In the 1920’s, the Temperance Movement won the first round, Al Capone and company the second, and the undertakers the third. 

Not so very long ago, Manitoba had "beer parlors" for men only. In many towns, one could not order a glass of wine in a restaurant and the list goes on.

Just last week in the speech from the throne, we were told that the governement intended to remove interprovincial barriers regarding transportation of alcohol. Gee, how nice. it’s been legal to bring alcohol from the U.S for years – tax free to boot. And yet, why are governments so tight – _ _ _ _ _ about this?

Now think U-Brews. a facility where wine and beermaking products are sold – and the establishment offers equipment, space, expertise and baby-sitting. These establishments are in the hundreds across Canada, legitimate businesses complete with provincial and health permits. Except in Manitoba, where we continue to choose to side with Alberta on this one.

So much for progress, Neanderthal must be grinning.

Armand Bedard