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New product in by name of Aseptox – by popular demand.

The producers promote it as "a cleaner and sanitiser also known as One-Step, is an easy-to-use, safe, no-rinse cleaner that quickly breaks up light to medium soils on winemaking and beer making equipment, including all plastics, glass and metals."

Aseptox is particularily useful for beer. This is because a sanitizer used as "no rinse" for wine, sodium metabisuplite, does not naturally occur in beer as it does in wine. This gives a "no rinse" option for both wine and beer.

Of course, there are still the reliable oldies:

Potassium metabisulphite can be acquired in powder form, but it’s also available as tablets for easy measuring. Normally this is added directly to wine as an antibacterial agent and/or to kill wild yeast. This is a mild form of the old standby Sodium metabisulphite, and can also be used as a sterilzer when dissolved in water.

Sodium metabisulphite is available in powder form as a sterilizer only – you won’t be removing any grease or stains with this. It will, however, completely sterilize your equipment at a pretty low cost and if you’re using it with wine, its rinse free.

The old standby is, of course, Stericlean. A powerful cleaner and sterilizer works great on glass, metal and plastic. It contains phosphate, so it must be rinsed well. This stuff is great for the dirtiest jobs – including that box of bottles some genius thought should be stored outside. Bottles have labels on them? No problem, just soak in Stericlean for a while and almost any label will come off.